About us

About Us

The idea of ​​creating Hayatt Store and its name came from the need of many of us for products that meet our everyday needs in life. Which are often difficult to find easily through public markets or electronic stores.

Even getting them may require the effort and time to look for them. Hayatt Store aim is to provide our customers with all products where meet their daily needs and choices as well as their everyday needs.

We sell to anyone in the world from the comfort of his own home and brighten up a stranger’s day, for all our customers on the other side of the world, simply by delivering products they’ll love.


With ePacket shipping, it’s now affordable to sell to our international audience without expensive shipping fees. 

Some products are free to ship while others typically cost no more than a few extra

dollars.In many cases, products can reach our customers in a matter of days. With an international reach.


Hayatt Store aims to provide smart and fast solution products.


We have the honor to serve you and always welcome your suggestions and requests

 for any new product you may need through our store and we are always ready to strive 

 to provide it to you.



Your life is our life ......................

Hayatt Store